Design Concept

After analyzing the brand value and the showroom needs, I chose the modern interior style with Bauhaus Style Décor. Bauhaus style design is rational, simple, playful with color, and functional which incorporates timeless pieces into a contemporary setting.The Duplex flagship store is quite spacious, spanning over 2990 sqft, and has a wide range of 149 products installed. The store is designed with ample space between the products to give clients a premium feel. Customers can enjoy the area while checking out the products in detail without any hindrances and with smooth circulation for reviewing the products. Additionally, the store has a seating zone where clients can spend some time in the showroom while enjoying the displayed products.

The material

The material used for the interior design was both locally sourced and imported. Most of the products have been arranged side by side in a very straightforward manner. The signature display has been placed at the center of the ground floor to showcase the luxuriousness of the product to the customers. It has been crafted using metal, coated with a black powder spray, and divided the section with an acrylic transparent sheet. To create an inviting atmosphere that complements the surroundings, we avoided glossy surfaces and used a surprising contrast to the subtle tones. On the ground floor, warm-tone lamination is used in the kitchen area to create a homely atmosphere for customers. On 1st floor, Queen of Prairie color is used to complement the Swish 6 series accessories set. Snowy Turquoise color is used to unify all commode series and shower displays altogether. To break the monotonous rhythm, I introduced a blue (evoke feelings of trust and reliability) zone and displayed shower fixtures, as well as basin and commode mixers. A live shower display was introduced at the corner of the ground floor. try to keep the natural environment by using indoor plants. Stored water falls from the overhead shower. The live faucet display uses a customized metal tray where water flows.