Inspiring Work Environment

Welcome to our newest project at Sara Interior – a fantastic office makeover covering a spacious 4000 sqft. We're excited to share this corporate office makeover that combines modern design with an industrial twist seamlessly.This isn't just an office; it's a carefully curated space designed to boost productivity and inspire innovation. Every detail, from collaborative spaces to individual workstations, has been crafted to enhance the overall work experience

Fuzzy Area

What is Fuzzy Area? A Fuzzy area is a space designed within your workplace to provide employees with a change of environment from their regular workstations. It serves as a space where employees can take a break, engage in informal discussions, collaborate on projects or simply work in a more relaxed setting. Fuzzy spaces are intended to promote creativity, help nurture workplace culture and provide a place for employees to recharge and revive, ultimately contributing to improved productivity and well-being. What Should I Include in Fuzzy Area? Office Fuzzy spaces, from comfortable seating through to casual dining areas and games rooms, all with the aim to provide employees with a comfortable environment to wind down during a long work day Comfortable Seating Providing a mix of soft seating options, including comfortable sofas and beanbags encourages employees to engage in informal discussions and brainstorming sessions. Natural Elements Incorporating biophilic and natural elements via indoor plants, natural lighting, organic finishes and moss feature panels can create a soothing and productive atmosphere. Benefits of an Office Fuzzy Area? Incorporating well-thought-out Fuzzy spaces in an office layout can contribute to a more dynamic, efficient, and innovative workplace, ultimately benefiting both employees and the organization as a whole. Offering comfortable and appealing breakout areas shows that the organisation values its employees’ comfort and work experience. This small inclusion can result in increased staff engagement, productivity and retention. Agile working is common place for the modern office, with many employees preferring to have a combination of days working in the office and days working from the comfort of their home. A Fuzzy space can be a unique incentive for employees to work in the office, allowing them to not be confined to the standard desk space.