Design Concept

At Sara Interior, we believe in merging functionality with aesthetics to create spaces that not only look captivating but also serve their purpose seamlessly. For Moon Place, our design concept revolves around blending modern sophistication with elements of cultural allure, providing patrons with an unforgettable dining experience.

Key Features

Spatial Optimization: Despite the limited area, our design maximizes space utilization without compromising on comfort or style. Each corner is meticulously planned to enhance flow and functionality. Ambiance Creation: Through strategic lighting choices, color palettes, and material selection, we've crafted an ambiance that complements Moon Place's culinary offerings, creating a cohesive sensory experience for diners. Cultural Fusion: Inspired by the rich heritage of Jashor, we've incorporated subtle nods to local culture through artwork, decor accents, and thematic design elements, fostering a deep sense of place within the restaurant. Comfortable Seating: From intimate booths to communal dining areas, our seating arrangements cater to diverse dining preferences while maintaining an overarching sense of warmth and intimacy. Sustainable Practices: Sara Interior is committed to sustainable design practices. Wherever possible, eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions have been integrated into the design, aligning with Moon Place's ethos of responsible dining. Virtual Tour: Explore our 3D renderings to take a virtual tour of Moon Place's transformed interior. Witness the seamless harmony of design elements, from the entrance foyer to the private dining spaces, each narrating a story of elegance and functionality.