Traditional Contemporary Interior Design at KPR Restaurant, Union Heights.

We are thrilled to present our latest interior design project located at Union Heights (Level 3), 55-2, Bir Uttam Qazi Nuruzzaman Sarak, Beside Square Hospital West, Panthapath, Dhaka 1205. This exquisite space, named KPR, spans across 3300 square feet, blending the charm of tradition with contemporary aesthetics. Design Concept: Traditional Contemporary Elegance Our vision for this project was to create a harmonious fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. The result is a captivating ambiance that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage while offering a modern and inviting atmosphere. Dining Area: A Seating Haven for 150 Guests The heart of the restaurant boasts a spacious dining area, meticulously designed to accommodate up to 150 guests. Each seating arrangement is thoughtfully placed to ensure comfort and accessibility, creating an inviting environment for both families and corporate gatherings. Family and Corporate Harmony Our commitment to versatility shines through as we meticulously maintain a balance between a warm family-friendly setting and a sophisticated corporate atmosphere. The design seamlessly transitions between these two dynamics, making the space ideal for various occasions.

Client Spotlight: Mr. Habib

We had the privilege of working closely with Mr. Habib, the visionary behind this project. His discerning taste and unique preferences guided our design process, resulting in a space that reflects his distinct style and caters to the diverse needs of the clientele. Explore the images below to witness the seamless blend of tradition and modernity in our Union Heights project. For inquiries or to schedule a visit, please contact us. We look forward to sharing this exceptional dining experience with you.