Modern Contemporary Residence Project at Cox's Bazar Chittagong | Sara Interior

Discover our latest interior design project at Cox's Bazar Chittagong, where Sara Interior transformed a 3833 square feet residence into a luxurious oasis inspired by 5-star hotel environments. Our client, Mr. Humayun Karim, a prominent figure in the hotel business, desired a modern and contemporary living space that reflected the sophistication of high-end hotels.

Key Points

Design Concept: We infused modern and contemporary elements to create a lavish ambiance, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal seamlessly. Challenges Overcome: Despite the geographical distance between our operation office in Dhaka and the project site in Cox's Bazar, we meticulously managed the project, ensuring every detail was executed with precision and care. Material Selection: Utilizing modern materials, we curated a palette that exuded elegance and durability, sourced from Dhaka and delivered to Cox's Bazar without compromising on quality. Client Satisfaction: Mr. Humayun Karim's satisfaction underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional results, exceeding expectations, and creating spaces that resonate with our clients' visions. Experience Luxury: Explore how Sara Interior transformed this residence into a sanctuary of luxury and comfort, elevating everyday living to extraordinary heights.